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price on request

Type of cards

Anything is possible! Think christmas cards, party invites, birth announcements...



Got a request for a custom card? Please send an e-mail with your idea to


You'll get a high quality digital file, ready to print. I don't print cards myself but I can recommend a printer for you


After ordering, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with payment details for a bank transfer

Make sure your e-mail contains the following information:

  • A high quality (color) picture you'd like painted

  • If you don't have a picture together, send me seperate pictures of each individual and include (estimated) heights

  • Optional: any changes you'd like  (colors, hairstyle etc.)

  • Optional: any additions you'd like (pets, favorite toys etc.)

  • Size of the portrait: A4 or A5

  • Your name and adress

Are you not sure what picture to use or want to consult me before ordering? No problem! Call or e-mail me anytime


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